About Us


Trees of Tresses was created in 2016. During this time, I was transitioning from having relaxed to natural hair. I was going through a phase of excessive shedding, breakage and unruly hair. In attempt to save my tresses, I started created my own hair growth oil. Unlike the others, my products are crafted from natural herbs and unrefined oils specifically meant for hair growth. 
I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of their tresses. In order to get through this journey, we had to take it back to the roots, and enjoy the essence of hair. You too can grow your own Trees of Tresses!


Trees of Tresses is a haircare line that treats every tress with care.  The products help to strengthen and grow in order to promote healthy hair. Whether you’re suffering from damage due to chemicals, hair loss or manipulation, each tress will receive the treatment needed to restore it back to life. Regardless of the condition of your tresses, you will be able to grow your hair to the length desired. So join the family so that you can begin to grow your own Trees of Tresses. “Take care of your tresses for every tress tells a story”.